Sahaj Yatra


from 18.11.2023

Sahaj Nath Yatra (from 18.11.2023)

with Mahant yogi Bhawnathji and Guru yogi Satnathji

There will be many Nath ashramas and holy places on the way.

We visit some cities too, but mainly focus on nature and remote places.

Do not worry about anything, with blessings of Naths all goes spontaneously.

Mahant Bhawnathji is well known person among Nathjis and will be a great guide for us, knowing all the little secret sites.

We might take buses or rent a cars, depending on aspirants who join. There will be certainly a long walking parts too.

Try to become a traditional ramata yogi, wanderer.

Discipline and respect, dress code, daily yoga meditation routine.

You may meet us or join on the way…

Possible itinerary:

18.11.2023 Guru Gorakhnath Yogashrama,, Sirohi, Rajasthan

27.11.2023 Kolayat sadhu mela

Jalore maha yaga
Pimpri Gauli

Based on noble donations.

To join fill up the application form on

Dress code

Sannyasis according their tradition.

Society people:

  • Only white color: Kurta pyjama or dhoti and cover of head.
  • Carry as little as possible. Who wants can go bare feet.
  • Switched off phones: everyday after lunch 30min for possible use only.
  • Photos and videos by authorized person only.

Good English is needed.

HERE: group for sharing, planning, asking:

Code of discipline

  • Filling up the admission form and positive answer prior of the arrival is a must.
  • No personal name use.
  • Addressing of a aspirant = Avadhu
    Initiated Naths=Nathji
    Pirji Shambuhunath Rawal=Pirji Maharaj
    Guru Yogi Sat Nath=Guruji
  • Bare feet zone in the whole ashrama.
  • Separation of men and women in accommodation and sadhana.
  • Sleeping on a simple mattress (available in the ashrama).
  • Perfume free zone, no jewellery or other religious items.
  • Emergency email and phone line for special situations.
  • Alcohol, smoking, meat and egg free zone.
  • Absolute humble discipline.
  • Perfect hygiene and cleanliness of the body and place.
  • You will be asked to leave our institution in case of any violence, sexual behaviour or breaking other rules.
  • We support vegans or raw food eaters (possible all the time).

All the program is compulsory.